School Organisation


At Our Lady of the Southern Cross, we have three open flexible learning centres. Each centre includes:

  • a range of areas suitable for collaborative learning, individual learning, small
  • group work and support services
  • modern, changeable and flexible furniture


Learning Spaces

LC1 houses P-1    

LC2 houses Yr 4/5 

LC3 houses Yr 2/3   

LC4 houses Yr 6

There is a spacious Sports centre and Home economics room.

Our designated playing areas include:

  • Sports field & Paddock for ball games
  • Playground with 2 adventure playgrounds, fitness equipment, sandpit and cubby houses
  • Passive  play area with lego, blocks, blackboards etc

Sustainability is a focus with:

Vegetable gardens
Compost & a Worm farm
Chickens, birds & frog bog


School Hours

Children are required at school no later than 8.40am in order that home groups may commence at 8.45am sharp.

The first bell rings at 8.40am. 

Morning Session: 8.45am – 10.25am

Eating Time: 10.25am – 10.35am

Recess: 10.35 - 11.05am

Middle Session: 11.05am – 12.35pm

Lunch Eating: 12.35pm – 12.45pm

Lunch Recess: 12.45pm - 1.25pm

Afternoon Session: 1.25pm - 3.15pm

In the interests of your child’s safety, students should not arrive at school before 8.15am.