School Leaders

Our student leaders take on various roles within our school throughout the year. They work in small teams to meet community engagement and fundraising goals. The work they undertake reflects our school Gospel values of Care, Courtesy, Respect and Responsibility and builds the community consciousness of all members of our school community.

Congratulations to our school leaders for 2017.

School Captains:

Sidney, Ja'Kye, Charli and Nyibol

Vice Captains:

Lilly, Cassius, Elly and Anuki


Alana, Madeline, Alyssa, Rakshana, Adak and Nathaniel 

House Captains: 

Red: Aiden and Marial
Blue: Harish and Dakota
Yellow: Maja and Reikken 
Green: Ramsay and Dallas

Social Justice:

 Kelly,  Zynara, Portia, Alexandra, Charity, VeniceRicky, Lily

Technology Leaders:

Caleb, Jonas, Rylan, Lemmuel, Jack Douglas and Elise

Sports Teams:

Students are elected as the Captains and Vice Captains for each of the Sports Teams and take on various organisational and leadership roles in this capacity as team leaders.

The House names and colours for the sports teams are:

Andrew’s – Blue     Heaney – Gold     Kavanagh – Green     Yowangeet – Red

Significance of the House names:


This is after our parish which is the foundation of the faith community for Werribee


Named after the first Parish Priest of the St Andrew’s Parish


Named after the Josephite Sister who was the Pastoral Associate of Wyndham Vale


The name of the Wathaurong clan who were the original custodians of the land where Manor Lakes now stands.